Client: George at Asda
Campaign: Fenomenal

You decide what femininity looks like

Old school definition of femininity: Pretty in pink, sugar and spice, cheesy Hallmark italics in your Mother’s Day card…

George’s new definition of femininity: Whatever makes you feel FENOMENAL.

With our new campaign for George launching on International Women’s Day 2022, we wanted to redefine what it means to feel feminine. No more trying to live up to all those conflicting standards and stereotypes: be skinny, but still curvy. Show skin, but not too much. Be a girl boss, or even a mum boss, but don’t be too bossy….

We’re celebrating people who feel empowered by fashion and femininity in all its forms. Using a fun and memorable play on words, to create a digital first campaign that will give our target audience a boost of self-confidence. After all, only you can decide what your femininity looks like. And that should be whatever makes you feel good.

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