Girl using Block List feature of Tinder

Green flags only


We’re super excited to drop our first campaign for Tinder, to promote their new safety features and help Gen Z daters feel more in control – ultimately repositioning the app as a place to make real connections.

Client: Tinder
Campaign: Green Flags Only

In these upbeat and edgy spots created with director India Harris, we hero the green flags that daters should look out for – rather than preaching about red flags. Photo Verification, Block List and Video Chat features designed by Tinder’s safety team, to facilitate a pre-IRL date that puts comfort first. Inspired by our Gen Z research, we created a high energy look & refreshingly honest tone – this campaign might be about safety first, but it’s definitely got the fun factor.

Block List (15s)

Video Chat (15s)

Photo Verification (15s)

Photo Verification – German edit (15s)

Block List – Spanish edit (15s)

Video Chat – French edit (15s)

Hero Edit (42s)