We are a team of  restless, passionate, creative people helping some of the world’s most exciting brands to Break it Better.

Over the years, we’ve picked up some fairly impressive awards. We were AdAge’s Creative Agency of the Year, four times, and their ‘Agency of the Decade’, plus the only agency ever to win three Cannes Titanium Grand Prix. Not only that, we created YouTube’s Most Viewed Ad ever. It’s a big old world and it’s full of CPB offices. From America to Brazil, Europe and China. Take a look at what everyone else is up to, here.

Helen James
Helen James

Managing Director

Dave Day
Dave Day

Executive Creative Director

David Proudlock
David Proudlock

Chief Strategy Officer

Lucy Wertheim
Lucy Wertheim

Head of New Business and Marketing

At CPB, we are committed to equality.

And we believe change is best driven by action. Two tangible expressions of this commitment and this belief are:

Creative Equals Business

In 2018, Helen co-founded Creative Equals Business, a leadership programme and community for women in the creative industries. The program aims to ensure more women in leadership positions across the industry.

In 2020, CPB launched Time for Black Business, an initiative offering pro bono consultancy and creative work for black owned businesses to help them achieve their goals and grow their businesses. So far we have helped 5 businesses with the initiative returning later this year.

We’ve also recently launched The {f} Space, a female focused (but gender inclusive) community committed to getting marketing to women right for the long haul.

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A fast and agile agency, combined with global insight, reach, and delivery.

We are part of the Stagwell network of agencies, which means we can deliver creative cut-through at scale, globally.

The art and science of creativity, Stagwell is a digital-first, full-service marketing and communications group that works with simplicity and speed at scale. Built from the ground up to focus on the needs of the marketers of today and tomorrow, Stagwell works as one connected unit to serve clients across their needs- from research and creative to digital transformation and communications.

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