No Home No Water

No Home. No Water.

As climate modellers sound the alarm for a second 40°C peak in August 2022 and with UK heatwaves now 10 times more likely, we wanted to highlight the impact of extreme heat on those experiencing homelessness.

Client: Single Homeless Project
Campaign: No Home. No Water.

Living on London’s streets is dangerous all year round. But dehydration, heatstroke and severe sunburn are real threats to life during a heatwave. And London’s heat-related mortality rate is the highest in the UK. When you have no home, there’s no escape – and you can’t neck a glass of water from the kitchen or stick your head under a cold shower.

Working with our charity partner Single Homeless Project, we installed water-activated evaporating street art around London to raise awareness and donations. Invisible to the eye until splashed with water, the pavement art reveals someone lying on the ground with the message “No Home. No Water.” As the water evaporates, the image slowly disappears, reminding us all of the risks Londoners forced to live on the streets face during a heatwave.

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